Have you always wanted to write a fantasy novel, but you were never sure where to start? Perhaps it was the world-building or the magic systems that proved too intimidating. If that's you, you came to the right Bard. Here, you will learn how to get your story started, even if you have no previous writing experience. 

A word of warning: Once you start, you may never want to stop ;)

Are you ready to start? Great! Because we're starting right now before you pay a dime.

I'm going to give you three writing prompts to start you off on your writing journey, and I want you to take 5 minutes and brainstorm one plot idea for each. Good, bad, or hideous, it doesn't matter!

1) A boy stumbles upon a dragon that is known to destroy whole kingdoms...but he becomes his friend.

2) A wizard's young daughter is kidnapped by an evil king, and he must rescue her...before she's sacrificed.

3) A knight meets a beautiful enchantress who tricks him into killing the king...now he must pay the price for redemption.

Good right? Does that get those gears turning inside your head? Does your imagination start going all sorts of crazy places? I'm willing to bet you a mug of ale it is.

So what are you waiting for?

"But what if no one wants to read my story?"

I promise you, there is AT LEAST one person out there who isn't family or a friend that will read your story.

"But I've never written anything before...like EVER!"

Do babies know how to write stories? No, they learn. Which is precisely what you'll be doing here.

"But what if I fail? What if I tell people, and I let them down?"

First, you're going to fail just like every single author has done before you, so welcome to the club. Second, don't write for other people; write for yourself first and foremost.


Look, I can do this all day because I have an answer to pretty much anything you can throw at me. Why? Because I've said the SAME things. Do you see that picture below? That was my first ever plot idea. Do you see how bad that is? It's margin to margin words!

That is NOT how yours is going to look by the time you're done.

Hi, I’m Stephen, (a.k.a The Bard)

I've been writing for over 13 years and have stood where you are standing now, wondering if I had what it took to write a book. I get it. Writing is hard. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something.

Writing is the best-worst form of torture you'll ever put yourself through because you're creating something, and that takes work! In the end, however, you'll look back, grinning like a fool because you did it.

And you'll start the process all over again.


We all love having a choice because it allows us to pick what feels right to us! Awesome right?

The options before you are simple and honestly, pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

  1. You get the $49 course and all the shiny things. It's the perfect DIY!
  2. You get the $99 course, get all the shiny things AND a 1hr 1-on-1 with me at the end of it to talk over your chapter and your concepts.

Are you ready, my young Scribe?


DIY Course

Perfect for those who don't feel they need any additional help with their story and are used to writing.


Paid Course+

For those who may be wanting some additional feedback that is a little more personalized in a 1-on-1 call with me at the end of the course.